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Teens Driving Under the Influence: Shocking New Survey

As the summer months approach, so does the celebration season. Prom, graduation, and the Fourth of July are all just around the corner and give teens an “excuse” to drink or do other illegal activities, such as smoke marijuana. What’s more unfortunate about this: many teens don’t view these activities as dangerous and add driving [...]

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Top 5 Cars with Best Gas Mileage

This should be a straight-forward topic: the top five (5) cars that have the best gas mileage. In fact, you would think that every list created on this topic would be the same. Alas, they are not. So I have put together a list of five (5) different types of vehicles that receive great gas [...]

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Brewers Yovani Gallardo Arrested for Drunk Driving

Early morning Tuesday, April 16, Milwaukee Brewers right-hander was arrested on allegations of drunk driving. Milwaukee County Sheriff’s spokeswoman, Fran McLaughlin, said another driver had called 911 for suspected drunk driving. The caller reported they saw a driver repeatedly swerving between lanes. When deputies spotted the vehicle, they saw the Gallardo driving alone at 40 [...]

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Reese Witherspoon’s Disorderly Conduct over Husband’s DUI

*Photo: Reese Witherspoon (left) and husband James Toth (right) mug shots from the city of Atlanta Department of Corrections. Being pulled over tends to bring out the worst in people. If you’re a red carpet celebrity, however, the world is able to see your every move. Oscar-winning actress, Reese Witherspoon, was with her husband and [...]

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How To Leave A Yelp Review For ABC DUI Online

ABC DUI Online is a small, family run DUI school. We believe that the course should be education, not punishment, that’s why we created an easy to view powerpoint and set the prince at $89.99. Everything else: the timer, quiz question, account passwords, all are required by the DMV and Courts to be a licensed DUI school. [...]

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Inattentional Blindness

Ghost Rider Series – Inattentional Blindness Originally Published in www.Cyclematters.com – 5/2011 Recently, I was enjoying a nice warm Saturday ride toward one of my favorite northern Nevada destinations, Virginia City. For you older guys, it’s the same Virginia City of the 1950’s Bonanza TV fame.  Riding on one of the main routes out of [...]

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Lake Tahoe – The Sierra Nevada’s Sapphire Lake

LAKE TAHOE – THE SIERRA NEVADA’S SAPPHIRE LAKE By Doc Shaw, 2011 It’s Sunday morning, May 22nd and the world did not end yesterday as predicted and I was a little disappointed. So much for the eternity or at least next week off. Its 8:30… my eyes were open, the cat was purring in my [...]

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Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving isn’t just gesturing a single finger at another driver. When another driver does something we think is stupid or dangerous, we have that urge to yell at them.  Always remember that trying to give driving lessons to someone at 35 or 45 mph doesn’t make for a congenial conversation. That said, most drivers [...]

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Blind Spots

Most drivers have never been taught how to properly set their side mirrors. Typically, drivers will simply adjust the side mirrors so they can see along the side of their car. When set this way, side mirrors function more as an extra set of rearview mirrors. As the name implies side mirrors are intended to [...]

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